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Weingut Zehnthof


Vineyard size: 7.0 hectares

The Zehnthof is a former monastery and has been our home for years! We live in ancient buildings that have a unique atmosphere. The Zehnthof was built in 1682 and even then, the monks produced wine here. We have continued this tradition since the 1960s. Three generations of our family live under the same roof and we believe that living together and exchanging knowledge through the generations is enriching. Recently, we decided to carefully finish our cozy wine cellar. Our wine is stored here and it is also where we let visitors taste our wines. But we would also like to welcome you to our new wine tavern. Our truly unique environment will put you in the mood for trying some of our wine.

Notes / Opening hours

Wine-selling and tasting:
Monday to Sunday: 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.


Best of Gold 2017, 2019
Bavarian State Honors Award 2018