Pyramid of quality for Franconian wine

The wine country Franconia lives from its variety of wine types and vineyards. A clear structure makes it easier for you to orientate yourself in line with your wishes.

For the Franconian wine, a new pyramid of origin has developed over the years. It is no longer - as before - based solely on the “must weight” determined by sugar, also called "Oechsle degrees". Instead, it attaches much greater importance to the origin and thus also to the site.

"Großes Gewächs" (Grand Cru)

Dry top wines from the best sites.

„Lagenweine“ and „Erstes Gewächs“ (Vineyard Wines and First Crop)

Demarcated origin with high standards.

„Ortsweine“ (Local Wines)

Defined origin from one place.

"Regionen" and "Gutsweine" (Regions and Estate Wines)

Wines from larger origins in Franconia usually only with vintage, grape variety, and flavor indication.

Header-Image © Achim Hammer