Our Criteria for Certification

Quality for the label "Franconia – A Land of Wine and Beauty!"

The recommendations we give for your journey into the Franconian Wine Country are made with a clear conscience, because our selection is based on a series of carefully devised criteria. This ensures that your stay will be just what you have hoped for, when you travel to the home of Franconian wine.


  • Quality, Range Diversity and Balance of the wines on sale
  • High-quality wine glasses and serving skills
  • Wines recommended by sommeliers or trained staff
  • Sophisticated international yet Francoinian-inspired cuisine

Guest Houses & Wine taverns

  • Comprehensive regional and typical selection of wines
  • Clear and well set-out wine list
  • Menu focusses on typical Franconian dishes and regional products
  • Authentic Franconian atmosphere

Wine Bars & Wine Bistros

  • Wines from the current vintage and a representative cross-section of local or regional wines
  • Wine recommendations for the individual dishes
  • Variety of small dishes/finger food on offer
  • Use of regional products
  • Tastings of different wines
  • Good wine and tourism knowledge of the service staff
  • Atmosphere of a wine bar is given by furnishing and presentation


  • Winegrower family atmosphere
  • Typical for the region
  • Menu with typical regional snacks and food
  • Produce mainly sourced from local bakers, butchers or by direct marketing

Delicacies from Franconia

  • High-quality, attractive product range typical of the region
  • Products sourced in the region
  • Reliable and visitor-friendly opening times
  • Attractive shop interior

Accomodation providers

  • Special atmosphere connected to winegrowing
  • Impressive selection of wines on sale in the estate’s own Vinotheque/wine shop
  • Activities on offer such as vineyard or cellar tours, helping with the grape harvest, wine seminars or cultural events
  • Wines can be tasted

Franconian Wine festivals

  • Historical, stylish atmosphere
  • Tested quality wines from recent vintages
  • Regional Franconian food specialities, fresh seasonal produce
  • Well-balanced musical repertoire

Wine cultural events

  • Special ambience
  • Stylish design
  • Balanced content with a focus on wine and culture
  • Contemporary wine and glass culture
  • Sophisticated food offer with consideration of regional products
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