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Franconia - A Land of Wine and Beauty!

Authentic, Franconian, high-quality!

The recommendations made by our partners in the „Wine Tourism“ project are clear-cut. In order to be included in the concept named “Franconia - A Land of Wine and Beauty”, services and amenities offered to visitors must comply with the jointly devised

Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture, Veitshöchheim

  • Dr. Hermann Kolesch
  • Georg Bätz

Tourist Board of Franconia

  • Angelika Schäffer

Gebietsweinwerbung Frankenwein-Frankenland GmbH

  • Hermann Schmitt

Tourism Areas in the Franconian Wine Area

Fränkisches Weinland, Spessart-Mainland, Steigerwald, Rhön, Haßberge, Romantisches Franken

  • On behalf of the tourism areas: Susanne Müller