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terroir f Karlstadt-Stetten


Pleasant shaper

A real insider tip among Franconian wine regions is the wine culture landscape on the steps of the Wellenkalk in the Stettener Stein site near Karlstadt. "Shaper of our vineyard sites - wine shapes" is the theme of this terroir f. The view into the wine valley of the Main River shows how wonderfully wine shapes the landscape. The view reaches as far as Würzburg and offers a fantastic outlook of the "Stettener Stein" vineyard site as well as the Main valley. Unsurprisingly, this location was named the "most beautiful wine view in Franconia" by the German Wine Institute in 2020.

At the same time, this terroir f shows how important the Main River is for viticulture. With its torrential water power, the river laid the foundations for the great sites of Franconian wine two million years ago and literally shaped the wine culture landscape of the steep slopes. Another special feature of this terroir f is the great diversity of plants and animals of the Franconian dry grasslands. The viewing platform "hovers" above the ground in order to protect this biodiversity.