terroir f Frickenhausen

Heavenly truths

"Wine & Bible": Nowhere could the theme of this terroir f be better realized than in the Kappellenberg site in Frickenhausen a.Main. High above the village, visitors are confronted with an impressive installation under the theme "The truth is in the wine, wine is a blessing". Three massive shell limestone blocks - which, by the way, were pulled up the steep mountain to their destination by the residents of Frickenhausen with muscle power alone - form an "altar" here, on which wine tastings are celebrated in the open air.

Behind the altar looms Leonardo da Vinci's famous Last Supper scene in the form of a giant silhouette. The sculpture, from which visitors can enjoy an outstanding view, is flanked by six stelae along the historic vineyard wall. They refer to biblical themes in which wine plays an important role.

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