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Franconian Wine

How the taste of a wine discloses its heritage?

The soil, the grapevine variety, the microclimate and the winegrower’s love for his vines - all these elements contribute to top Franconian wines. It is indeed characteristic of Franconia that it has so many different wines and so many different vineyard sites. But there is no need to be a wine expert to find one’s way around the range of wines on offer! Prizes that have been awarded and our Franconian Quality Pyramid will signpost you to discovering the perfect wine for every occasion.

Quality Pyramid

Modern Franconia, Classic Franconia or Great Franconia: These are (in ascending order) the three tiers of our quality pyramid and will help you find the right wine for every occasion.


These awards show you the way to first class winegrowers and wineries.

The Winegrowing Area

Along the River Main and on the slopes of the Steigerwald hill range there are vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Wine Glossary

Where does the Bocksbeutel come from?? What is the role of terroir? Answers and questions concerning Franconian wine.