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Wining and Dining

Chefs & Cuisine

The art of cooking and living is practiced very expertly in Franconia. Fresh, local ingredients combined with our chefs’ skill and creativity result in superb creations on your table. We understand that a true gourmet wants something authentic and unique. Enjoy your meals at fantastic restaurants, guesthouses, wine taverns and wine bars & wine bistros as well as the Heckenwirtschaft restaurants. Enjoy our authentic, Franconian specialties.


First a feast for the eyes, then the ultimate culinary experience: A plate of perfect food and a glass full of Franconia’s best wines.

Guest Houses & Wine taverns

The current season is reflected in the dishes on the menu and in the recommendation for matching wines.


When winegrowers temporarily open their houses to guests, you have a so-called “Heckenwirtschaft”. Here you will find home cooking and comforts as well as a traditional atmosphere.

Franconian cuisine

Exclusive fancy foods lovingly made and specially selected.

Wine Bars & Wine Bistros

Just the place for an easy-going rendezvous with Franconian wine