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Franconian cuisine offers specialty foods that are a labor of love. If you are looking for something truly unique, search out the people who use their unique style to make exquisite products. Some of the best regionally produced foods are usually only found out about by word of mouth. However, we have all the information for discriminating taste buds right here. Specialty foods that are made with pride and local ingredients only; these are truly unique culinary delights. From eggs to cheese, from fish to sausages, fresh fruits and vegetables, honey, jams and chocolates – Franconia offers some of the best culinary treats.

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  • abtswind_schwanfelder-oelkernprodukte.jpg

    Schwanfelder Ölkernprodukte

    High-quality oils from grapeseed, walnuts, rapeseed and sunflower seeds. The flavor variety of extravagantly and carefully handmade oils can be ...
  • auenland-beef_2020.jpg

    Auenland Beef

    Hofheim i.UFr.
    Aurachsmühle 1 · 97461 Hofheim i.UFr. · Germany · Tel.: +49 160/94195487
  • willanzheim_hagenmuehle.jpg

    Hofladen Hagenmühle

    Located in the beautiful Breitbach Valley, just outside the town of Willanzheim, is the sprawling mill estate of the Hagenmühle. The farm store has a good ...
  • obstbau-zoerner_2020.jpg

    Obstbau Zörner

    Health by the pound: Homegrown, fresh, crisp apples and homemade juices. Guests are always welcomed to visit and taste the produce and products.
  • dettelbach_obsthof-boehm.jpg

    Obsthof Böhm

    Family-operated orchard. The owners pride themselves on catering to their customers. Purchase fruit and a variety of products at the modern and spacious ...
  • konditorei-ritter_2020.jpg

    Konditorei Ritter - Pralinenmanufaktur

    How about some coffee and wine? No problem! The tasty, Franconian wine-filled chocolates and truffles of the Konditorei Ritter will let you enjoy both.
  • sommerhausen_steinmanns-hofmarkt.jpg

    Ochsenfurter Straße 21 · 97286 Sommerhausen · Germany · Tel.: +49 9333/465 · Fax: +49 9333/8254
  • eussenheim_wolf-gbr.jpg

    Thomas & Irmgard Wolf GbR

    Country store featuring sausage and meat specialties made from poultry, pork and beef. Also available are fresh chickens, geese, ducks, beef, homemade ...