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Experiencing Franconian Wine

We can show you Wine Franconia from its literally sunny side and with all its many aspects. Before giving anything a recommendation, we collect impressions, examine facts and assess excellence. The variety of ways in which we can let you enjoy and experience the best of what Franconia has to offer is almost unlimited!

Wine growers & wine estates

Wine growers give their undivided attention to the ideal combination of soil, grape vine variety and microclimate, plus individual nurture.

Accomodation providers

We’ve all seen the world. It’s an amazing place. But the best feel-good moment comes when you really are “at home” somewhere.

Culinary Delights

Franconian and delicious: Gourmands and gourmets can savour all that restaurants, inns, wine bars and seasonal wine taverns have to offer.


Vinotheques are for getting a first impression and having plenty to choose from - all whilst being expertly advised.


Wine festivals and cultural wine-based events – unforgettable compositions blending music, art and cultured wine-drinking.

Wine competence

Our Flying Wine Lecturers and Franconian Tour Guides are there to introduce you to Franconian wine customs.

terroir f

Magical places – these specially chosen viewpoints are rooted in Franconia’s most famous vineyard sites.