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Weingut Rudloff

Nordheim a.Main

Vineyard size: 4.5 hectares

Winemaking as a family tradition

Ours is a small, family-run operation located at the Main River loop in Nordheim. We are united in our passion for making one of mother nature’s greatest gifts: wine. Each year, there are new challenges and learning opportunities that we embrace fully. We consider wine to be a part of nature. Our role in the winemaking process is to stay in tune with nature and use our knowledge and tools to make this wonderful final product. We are nature’s stewards and as such, we take great care to preserve the soil so that future generations will also be able to live off this land.

The juice from the grapes seems to be a mirror image of Mother Nature with all its nuances. So it is not surprising that numerous metaphors describing its characteristics are taken from the natural world.

For us, the wine, the final product of our toiling, is a wonderful expression of Mother Nature that we would love to share with you.

Notes / Opening hours

Wine-selling and tasting:
daily by arrangement


Best of Gold 2017