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terroir f Volkach


Another magical location of Franconian winemaking is near Volkach. This “terroir f” spot is near the Vogelsburg Fortress outside the town of Volkach. The “terroir f” location at the Vogelsburg can be accessed from the parking area alongside the highway between Prosselsheim and Volkach. Take the stairs to the top and enjoy the view. You will see how the Main River loop got its name. There is an awesome sightseeing platform and the exhibit covers the topic “Sun, Light and Fire at the Main River Loop – Wine Captures.”

How important is climate for successful wine production? What are the differences between individual terroirs? How was Franconian history shaped by winegrowing? Find answers to these and many other questions here. See what the temperature difference is between North and South slopes. Learn about the climatic history of Franconia and how it relates to winegrowing. Measure the angle of the sun’s radiation with the help of a solar pendulum. Or simply take a break just below the platform – and still enjoy the view of the steep slopes of the Eschendorfer Lump terroir and the so-called wine island.