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Franconian wine classifications

Modern Franconia

Here you find fun, uncomplicated, fresh and fruity tasting wines. These wines usually come in a Bordeaux-shaped bottle or in a white "Bocksbeutel" – the traditional, Franconian fat-bellied bottle.

Classic Franconia

This is the true Franconia. These wines are best enjoyed with a meal. They are the traditional wines and include a wide variety of grapes and locations. Classic Franconian wines can be found in a green "Bocksbeutel."

Selected wines in this category are awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze medals by the Franconian Winegrowers‘ Association.

Great Franconia

Here you find the best Franconia has to offer, the true treasures, the wine-growers’ masterpieces. Varieties include Silvaner, Riesling, and Burgundy. These wines are bottled in Burgundy-shaped bottles or the traditional “Bocksbeutel.”

The very best wines in this category are awarded the "Best of Gold" prize by the Franconian Winegrowers' Association.