Franconian wine classifications


Modern Franconia

Her you find fun, uncomplicated, fresh and fruity tasting wines. These wines usually come in a Bordeaux-shaped bottle or in a white “Bocksbeutel” – the traditional, Franconian fat-bellied bottle.

Classic Franconia

This is the true Franconia. These wines are best enjoyed with a meal. They are the traditional wines and include a wide variety of grapes and locations. Classic Franconian wines can be found in a green “Bocksbeutel.”

Great Franconia

Here you find the best Franconia has to offer, the true treasures, the wine-growers’ masterpieces. Varieties include Sylvaner, Riesling, and Burgundy. These wines are bottled in Burgundy-shaped bottles or the traditional “Bocksbeutel.”
Ein Glas Frankenwein

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