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First-class wine-growers and vineyards

All wines and vineyards recommended by us have competed successfully in the following competitions:

Bavaria State Honor Award

Each year, the Bavarian State Department of Agriculture and Forestry honors three wineries with this award. The State Honor Award is given only to wine-growers who pursue perfection and highest quality in their products. To qualify, the majority of their wines must have won prizes for three consecutive years. Therefore, this award recognizes many years of excellence and superb quality.

Best of Gold

Once a year, the Best of Gold competition by the Franconian Wine Growers’ Association honors the ten best wines of the region. Eligible to enter the competition are all area wines that have been presented with a gold medal at the Franconian Wine Awards. On average about 360 wines are judged each year.

Sylvaner Forum

According to its president Ferdinand Graf zu Castell-Castell, the Sylvaner Forum was founded in 1998 with the purpose of “promoting and providing recognition to one of Germany’s most important grapes, the Sylvaner.” The club hands out an International Sylvaner Award biannually. The goal of the competition is to increase awareness about the Sylvaner among wine connoisseurs as well as the wine industry by show-casing some of the most outstanding Sylvaner wines. Golden pruning scissors are the symbol awarded to a high-quality vineyard where each vine is cared for individually.